Why Choose Ant Packaging?

Making plastic packaging easier and more environmentally friendly.

Ant Packaging has been manufacturing and supplying wholesale plastic bottle packaging since 1997. Our carbon neutral, largely solar powered factory is based in Bangalow, Northern NSW, a 2-hour drive from Brisbane.

John Clark is one of the founders of the factory and oversees all of the operations today. He has decades of plastic industry experience and is passionate about being on the forefront of new environmental and technological advancements.

John and his team work closely with our customers and are always happy to help. We are passionate about assisting small to medium sized businesses in getting their product to market with low minimums, affordable pricing and premium quality Australian made products. It gives us great satisfaction to see our customers businesses reach their potential.

Our team.

Our team of skilled employees are carefully selected to match the philosophy of our business. All of our eight machines operate 24/5 with both a machine operator and packers so that every single product that leaves our factory is hand checked by skilled personnel.

Design your own unique bottles.

We offer affordable, flexible in-house design services so you can customise a bottle to suit your product. Making moulds is expensive, so before you start to invest in making moulds we use rapid prototyping process like 3D printing and stereo lithography. This means we can produce a prototype for your product within just a couple of days. We can also alter the prototype quickly until you're 100% satisfied, which is infinitely less costly than modifying a mould. This service that can be long winded and highly complicated with overseas manufacturers.

Our prototypes can be made of photosensitive resin, if required, and can be used for marketing purposes. We'll help you throughout the whole design process and can assist you with line drawings or 3D models. All we need is a simple sketch or a brief of your ideas to get things started.

Making manufacturing easy.

At Ant Packaging, we know you've got a lot of on your plate and you're pulled in many different directions, so we want to make life easier for you. Our experts will look after all the details of your packaging requirements so you can tick it off the list and concentrate on everything else.

On top of supplying premium quality products at highly competitive prices, we make sure you're always able to speak with someone who knows what's going on with your job. Compared with overseas manufacturers we are a small operator, which means we are agile. We get things done straight away and can get you exactly what you need quickly.

Choosing the right manufacturing partner.

Tossing up which way to go? Here are a few points to consider when you're comparing whether to partner locally with Ant Packaging or use an overseas manufacturer for your plastic bottle packaging needs.

Ant Packaging, Australia

An international manufacturer

Short timings
We offer short lead times with many items off the shelf for next day delivery.

Longer timings
Typically you'll wait 12 weeks or more from the time of order.

Flexible payment terms
You simply pay before your products leave our factory or long-term customers hold an account with us.

Longer payment lead times
Generally you need to pay up front 12 or more weeks before you receive the goods which commonly affects cash flow in a small business.

No hidden costs
You will know the total price you pay before you leave our website and there will be no additional costs.

Potential for hidden costs
Depending upon Inco terms you will be up for port charges, GST, Quarantine fees, terminal services fee and clearance fees amongst others. You will need to know your INCO terms, what they mean and more than likely pay an importer to fix these things for you.

Clear communication.
If you have any questions or in the unlikely event there's an issue or you can speak directly to someone who can help you straight away.

Unreliable communication.
If problems arise you may be faced with either waiting 12 weeks for another shipment or having to use the items anyway because you have already paid for them.

Let's talk.

We'd love to speak with you directly about your manufacturing needs or answer any questions your might have about our services. Please don't hesitate to give us a call on +61 (02) 6687 1455 or send us an email here.

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