Australia's Wholesale Plastic Bottle Supplier

At Ant Packaging, we provide superior quality, wholesale packaging solutions for small to medium sized businesses from a range of industries. We are extremely customer focused and pride ourselves on giving our customers exactly what they want, when and where they want it.

Why we're the right manufacturing partner for you.

Aside from all the benefits of our Australian made, premium quality products, here are some of the advantages of working with our team at Ant.

      • Every single product is quality control checked by hand.
      Fast turnaround times mean you're quicker to market and have better cash flow management (overseas manufacturers often have 6 to 12 week upfront payment terms).
      • You can communicate directly with the local team who are working on your project and know exactly what's happening. We offer full transparency at all times.
      In-house design services mean if you can't find the bottle you're after in our shop, you can design your own and get exactly what your business needs without dealing with the delays, large minimums and communication challenges encountered with overseas manufacturers.
      Great value, competitive pricing, especially when you take into account the freight and taxes encountered with foreign suppliers.
      Low minimum orders and no nasty surprises at any point in time.
      • Our carbon neutral footprint and 100% recycled products give you a competitive advantage and peace of mind.

Our unique business philosophy.

We do not seek to become a 'big player' and work with high volume, supermarket brands. We prefer to partner closely with small to medium sized businesses and bring them high quality, consistent, reliable packaging solutions to enable them to reach their goals.

Innovative technology and design.

We are always abreast of the latest developments in technology and design so we can serve our customer needs better. Our industry is continuously changing and we make sure we are always one step ahead, updating or upgrading our machinery and ensuring our processes are best practice. We love the process of turning ideas into innovative, functional packaging solutions.

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