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Why Ant?

Why Ant? Small and industrious an Ant is a hard working species. Extremely strong, with the ability to lift up to twenty times its body weight; very sociable in that it works exceptionally well as a team, it is considered one of the most successful species on Earth. Ants are naturally adaptive and found all over the world, often in the most unexpected places. An Ant is mostly black, which is good for printing; and it starts with an A so is in the front of phonebooks, and hopefully, your list of preferred suppliers! The Ant logo is universally recognisable with good recall and is found engraved on the bottom of the best bottles on the market!

Ant Packaging Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to establish strategic relationships with customers to turn concepts and ideas into innovative and excellent packaging solutions. You can talk to people who know what they are talking about and, as owners, are committed to satisfying you. Ant Packaging aims to completely satisfy customer needs by: providing packaging solutions for customers' products; keeping pace with technology and design; continuously improving; and working as a team so that customers benefit from Ant's combined expertise. Our purpose built factory at Bangalow (2 hours from Brisbane) uses quality, high performance machinery. Ant's position in the marketplace is as a specialist supplier. To achieve this we set limits on size and growth. Ant will not be another 'Big Player'; we desire to always remain a relatively small player and dominantly customer focused. Currently manufacturing cosmetic bottles, oil sampling packages and 2-pack solutions in PVC, PP, LDPE, HDPE and recyclable PET plastic bottles. Ant is prepared to invest in the process of developing packaging solutions via initial consultation; draft through to finished drawings; full size models; high quality moulds and finished products.

Product or service positioning...

Consistent, reliable, quality packaging that will solve customer's packaging problems so they can concentrate on what they do best, instead of worrying about the quality of their packaging. To be competitively priced without necessarily being the cheapest.

Customer Promise- Always customer driven.
What a customer wants when and where they want it.

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