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Plastic Bottle DesignsAs a customer focused organisation, we understand that your success largely depends on your ability to introduce products to the marketplace in a timely manner, and on budget.

Your "brief" can be a mere sketch as during this phase of the design process, technology is of very little importance. Ant Packaging uses a series of checklists developed from many years of experience to develop maximum understanding of your project.

Confidentiality is assured. For those that require, confidentiality agreements are available.

CAD drawingUtilising the latest CAD software, line drawings are produced that meet the specifications discussed in the "brief". Then analysis of the line drawings is undertaken between both parties, modifications performed, and a photo rendering is forwarded to you. If required a dynamic 3D model can accompany the photo rendering. Using the "ACIS" software available from our links page the customer can dynamically rotate the rendered solid model at their desk to inspect all of it's features.

Some customers may require "rapid prototyping" to fully grasp the design, or to use as a marketing tool. We have two main processes available for this. As these are outsourced they do come at a cost, however we believe the marketing benefit alone of having a prototype weeks before actual production outweighs the relatively small investment incurred.

An acrylic model can be NC machined from the same program that will machine your mould, so accuracy is guaranteed.

New Bottle MouldPlastic Bottle PrototypesStereolithography (SLA) is a "rapid-prototyping" process which produces a physical, three dimensional object from a 3D CAD file. A stereolithography machine uses a computer controlled laser to cure a photo-sensitive resin, layer by layer, to create the 3D part. Using this technology the most intricate prototypes can be produced. As a further step that is rarely required, silicon tooling may be produced, from which parts can be moulded. As many as 10-100 parts can be produced from this tooling, depending upon the design. These have the added bonus of being able to be used for marketing purposes.

When all parties are satisfied with the models (or virtual models) that have been supplied it's time to move to the tooling. Ant Packaging out-sources tooling manufacture to experienced toolmakers with whom we have built strategic alliances over many years.

Boston Plastic Bottles MouldConcurrently to your tooling being produced, we are busy preparing a quality audit on our processes. Procedures are executed to assist giving you, the customer, the best quality product, on time, at a predetermined price without surprises. When the tooling is complete samples will be forwarded to you for your opinions and approval.

We understand that our success is determined by our customers' success in the marketplace. Our focus is on the commercial realisation of your product.

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