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Ant Packaging will close for Christmas on 18th December and reopen on 12th Jan 2015. Orders placed during this period will be processed when we return. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers a Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2015.

Australia's First Carbon Neutral Plastics Factory

Ant Packaging is proud to be the first in our industry to offset our footprint and be carbon neutral. We are constantly taking steps to reduce our electricity consumption through the implementation of new technology (for instance, sine wave power factor correction) and we are working on improving our efficiencies in production and distribution.

Effective Tuesday 10 June 2008 Ant Packaging Pty Ltd became Australia’s first Carbon Neutral plastics manufacturer. We have calculated our business’ emissions and have offset them with government certified carbon abatement projects.

At Ant Packaging we recognize there is a perception that plastics manufacturing is considered harmful to the environment. The reality is that plastics are a effective use of a waste product from the energy resource production process that would otherwise be released to harm the ozone layer. However, we acknowledge that we use energy; therefore we generate greenhouse gas emissions and thus are a contributor to climate change.

We take our responsibility seriously enough to have done something about it!

Each year we commission local Byron Bay company Cool Planet to prepare calculations for the carbon emissions associated with our business operations. The results are published under the guidelines of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol which is the most widely used international accounting tool for building credible and effective programs for tackling climate change.

Cool Planet calculates our emissions to include electricity consumption, office supplies, product distribution, plane transport and staff transport.

That total is offset by the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates from Greenpower approved generators and Carbon Offsets from projects accredited by the Australian Government’s Greenhouse Friendly program. The projects include the design and installation of Photovoltaic Stand Alone Power Supply systems (solar panels) in the Byron Shire and the Regional Resource Recovery Centre in Western Australia which diverts household rubbish from landfill to compost. This project won a Greenhouse Challenge Plus award for outstanding achievement in greenhouse gas abatement.

Ant Packaging will continue to strive to be pro-active in its business practices. Becoming the first carbon neutral plastics factory in Australia is a positive step forward in helping to address the effects our industry has on climate change.

Ant Packaging is also developing expertise in manufacturing jars, caps and bottles from the new biodegradable, compostable plastics derived from sustainable non-petroleum sources.

Plastic Bottles, Aromatherapy Bottles, Cosmetics Bottles and Recyclable PET Plastic Bottles

Small and industrious an Ant is a hard working species, extremely strong, with the ability to lift up to twenty times its body weight; very sociable, working exceptionally well together as a team; considered one of the most successful species on earth; naturally adaptable; found all over the world, often in the most unexpected places.
Ant Packaging was established in 1997 by Tony Margan and John Clark formerly of Ruskin Plastics, Lismore. Tony and John have a combined successful plastic industry experience of more than 30 years. Prior to Ruskin, Tony Margan worked for Colgate-Palmolive to General Manager level for over 10 years.
Employees are hand selected to complement the skills and commitment of the owners. Many of our employees have been with us from the start.
The owners of Ant Packaging are focussed on being the best manufacturer of extremely high quality plastic bottles for the cosmetics, aromatherapeutic and other industries in Australia

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1ltr Square PMS Bottle
Height: 122.0 + - 1.0mm
Diameter: 116 x 138 + - 1.0mm
Cap 38410 Wad
Height: 17.6 + - 0.5mm
Diameter: 40.8 + - 0.5mm
Serum Pac Closures
Height: 58.0 + - 1.0mm
Diameter: 25.8 + - 0.3mm
125ml 24410 PET
Height: 121.0 + - 1.0mm
Diameter: 42.0 + - 0.5mm
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